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LAMPERÓS is a global, luxury beachwear and resort wear brand founded in 2021. LAMPERÓS specialises in luxury resort wear,beachwear with a focus on making women feel confident and beautiful.

LAMPERÓS believes that the most important aspect of every design is its ability to make the wearer feel like a goddess. Each exquisite piece is designed to be worn and adorned from day till night, at the beach as well as in evening soirees. 

LAMPERÓS which means “bright and radiant ” in Greek. 

Our Brand inspired by a chic Greek and Turkish summer lifestyle. Each collection is crafted from the highest quality fabrics, using unique colors and designs that you'll be wearing summer after summer. 

LAMPERÓS started with offering high-quality clothing and accessories for women. Over time, we have diversified our product lines to include kids' and swimwear.

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